• Panther Pals

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Lydell & Amelia volunteered to help organize and categorize banned books for distribution

Campaign Priorities:

  • Equal and quality education for ALL students.

  • We support the Act 1 Index. The Act 1 Index is used to determine the maximum tax increases for each tax the school district levies. As parents and business operators in the district, they know how important taxes are in the everyday lives of those in the Central York School District - learn more about the Act 1 index here.

  • School performance and public relations enhance property values. We are dedicated to working with teachers and support staff to ensure every student is prepared for college and/or a career. Focusing on the parameters of the Future Ready PA Index will be key in their decision making process.

  • A board that is not involved in its community is a board that is not serving. Without open and honest lines of communication with parents, tax payers and teachers, the best decisions cannot be made. We will utilize surveys, be responsive to public comments at meetings, and remain highly active with all correspondence received. No member of the district should feel as though they are not being heard!

  • Diversity has taken a backseat in the current administration. We will work to ensure every student feels valid and seen. America is built on it's many cultures, and the Central York School District is no different!

  • We recognize the massive mental health struggles that can face students and families today. Housing, food insecurity, addiction, COVID-19 and many other obstacles can weigh heavily in the district. We are prepared to have tough conversations while pushing for solutions that put humans first.